Tannisby Camping is a motorhome-friendly campsite. We have arranged 9 special slots for autocampers with easy access, within the barrier, and of course has the two mandatory spaces outside the barrier (unmarked) - "Safe parking". Electricity is optional in these places.

The camp manager is himself a motorhome camper and has in collaboration with the motorhome guests appointed and arranged pitches especially for the motorhomes. The spaces are about 6 x 9 m. They are thus smaller than ours standard seats and thus also a lot cheaper, according to the guests' wishes.

Many motorhomes stay for short periods, and many have most with them, which is why they do not need all the facilities a campsite offers. That is why we offer these smaller seats option of power and facilities.

We of course offer emptying space for the gray water - both from loose and fixed tank, as well as chemical rash and refill - free for our guests. Bath and Wi-Fi are always free here.

If you want a longer stay or more space, the other units of the campsite are also available for motorhome campers. Once you have checked in, you have your fixed place - and can therefore drive and come as you wish, and still have the same place when you return. One can therefore leave reading slings, bicycles or anything else in the square.


(+45) 98 93 12 50

Opening Hours

Saturday-Thursday kl. 8:00-16:00

Friday 8:00-18:00


Tannisbugtvej 86, Tversted Strand

DK – 9881 Bindslev