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Tannisby Camping | Campingplads i Tversted, Nordjylland

Tversted: On the Westcoast

Tversted is only 32 km away from Skagen, 14 km away from the ferry port in Hirtshals, and 25 km from the ferry port of Frederikshavn. The ferries to Norway, Sweden and Iceland are only 10 min drive away. The site is located less than 5 minutes’ walk – 521 m. – from the beautiful west coast, is and probably one of the best and most child-friendly sandy beaches in Denmark. The beach is wide with lots of dunes and, of course, with a blue flag for bathing. Tversted is surrounded by the beach, which stretches from Skagen to Hirtshals, more small rivers, Tversted Klitplantage with Tversted soerne (lakes), which is one of Jutland’s largest forest plantations.


The forest is ideal for history- and outdoor experiences. There are miles of trails for walking, each with its historical origin, watchtowers, riding trails and paths for cycling, and of course all the small lakes where you can feed the ducks and swans, admire the water lilies or collect chanterelles in the late summer. Tannisby Camping is a perfect base for adventures in Northern Jutland. We are surrounded by history and attractions, beautiful nature and shopping opportunities, and most of the top of Denmark can be reached within half an hour’s drive. Tversted is a cozy little seaside village on the west coast that offers many options for both dining and shopping in the summertime.

Tannisby Camping: For everyone

Tannisby Camping in Tversted, near Skagen on the top of Denmark, is a nice little family- and senior camp site, where peace and order are in focus.
Tannisby Camping opened 1957 and has always been partly owned by local authorities, until April 1st 2011, when I had the opportunity of fulfilling my dream of having my own camping site. The camp site is now completely privately owned, and open all year. My name is Kasper Waehrens and I was born here in Tversted in 1978, actually only 150 m from the campsite. I have known the campsite and the area here all my life. I run the camp site, which has 20 mobilhome pitches for privately-owned and own units, 160 normal pitches and 9 special pitches for campervans, myself. I live on the site all year, together with the watchdog, the German shepherd Delta. We will be looking forward to welcoming you to our wonderful camp site.

The Land of the Lights

Tversted is located on the tongue of Skagen – called Skagens Odde, which is the northern part of Jutland and the world´s largest tongue of land. Due to the Norwegian mountains, the area holds the Danish record for sunny hours. When the weather forecast predicts rain, the sun will often be shining in Tversted! Furthermore, the short distance to the seas and the sandy beaches on both sides of the tongue gives the area a very special lighting. In short, Skagens Odde is equal to more sea, sunshine and bright nights.


Tversted Strand (beach), is very special. It was voted as the best beach in Denmark in 2014/2015. It is the only beach in the world where the sun rises and sets in the same sea on the same beach. This phenomenon takes place from a week before till a week after midsummer. Every year the beach increases by many thousand cubic meters of sand. Driving on the beach is allowed all year. The speed limit is 30 km/h and you must give way to the pedestrians. A tip for driving on the beach is to disconnect the ESP. Dogs on a leash may be taken out for a walk on the beach. About 3 kilometers from Tannisby Camping, by Tversted Søerne (lakes), is a special part of the forest a playground for dogs, with and without a leash. Grilling on the beach is allowed as long as coals and embers are removed. Tversted is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the northern west coast. In Tversted you will find real village atmosphere, with the little church from the 1100-century, cafés and a pub, a seaside hotel, a grocer´s shops, wide sandy beaches and a beautiful countryside.

Mobilehomes: Now available for rental

The really nice 18 or 35 sqm units are in a Scandinavian design, fully equipped for either 2+2 or 4+2 persons.  The units has doublebed and a wall mounted smart-TV and storage. The second bedroom (35 sqm) is with 2 singlebeds and lots of storage too. The units has their own private bathroom with wall mounted toilet, sink and a large shower cabin and a toweldryer. A nicely arranged kitchen, fully equipped, with fridge and freezer, oven and stove and all need accessories. An extra, smaller doublebed, hides away in the sofa. Duvets and pillows for 2 or 4 persons included, depending on size booked.

– Please bring your own bedlinen and towels.



Tannisby Camping is the only campsite in Denmark, where you as a guest and as a foreigner, have the opportunity to buy and own your own mobilhome.
You can use it yourselves or use it as a rental unit. Delta Caravans build the units to the campsite. All build in an exclusive Scandinavian design, with a lot of options to make it your own personal unit. Only 3 Delta Caravan units left, starting at DKK 299.000/approx. 40.000 €. (Incl. VAT and transport to the campsite gate. Excl. patio, shades, connections, transport to the pitch and rental of the pitch)

Please contact us per e-mail for further information about the units, options and offers.

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11 months ago
Coronavirus og din virksomhed

Vi åbner som planlagt... men...
Selv en campingplads skal tage forholdsregler omkring coronavirus situationen.

Senest opdateret 18. marts kl. 10.00.
Campingpladsen tager coronasmitten meget ... See more

Få overblik over coronavirus/covid-19 og din virksomhed. Kan du fx. afholde din generalforsamling, skal du aflyser møder m.m.?

11 months ago

Alle arrangementer, fællesspisninger og arbejdsweekend AFLYST!

12 months ago

🔴Ny dato for arbejdsweekend🔴

Arbejdsweekend for de der har tid, lyst og lejlighed.
Lørdag 21/3 og søndag 22/3 planlægger jeg at gå igang med legepladsen.
Flere har tilbudt sig til hjælp ... See more

12 months ago

Arbejdsweekend for de der har tid, lyst og lejlighed.
Lørdag 14/3 og søndag 15/3 planlægger jeg at gå igang med legepladsen.
Flere har tilbudt sig til hjælp og jeg tænker vi kan være 4-6 ... See more

1 year ago

Ølsmagning med Jerry’s

1 year ago

Ølsmagning med Jerry’s.
Henrik var mest til de store øl 😝🍻

1 year ago
Billeder fra Tannisby Campings opslag

Tak for en rigtig hyggelig aften 👌🏻
Erik Hauch fra Jerry´s Frederikshavn kiggede forbi pladsen i aftes med lækker Porter-stew, kartøffelmos og 8 lækre øl...
... eller, det vil sige... 8 ... See more

1 year ago

Vi er klar, er I?
Årets første messe.

I år er messe i Gigantium - kig forbi 🎉🇩🇰

1 year ago

Så er det messetid..🇩🇰
I denne weekend er vi på feriemessen i Gigantium.
Kig forbi messen og standen.
Vi står i hal C på stand 325, sån cirka midt i det hele.

Ses vi?

1 year ago
Billeder fra Tannisby Campings opslag


Lørdag den 18. januar har jeg inviteret min gode ven Erik Hauch forbi pladsen.
Erik ejer og driver den amerikanske inspirerede restaurant i ... See more

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